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MXNACHIEVE is a scholarship that helps high school students take a fully immersed course online for Front End, Back End, Data Science, User Experience, or Visual Design before entering college.
Assisting with finding an amazing program that brings more African-American youth/young adults into the Product Design world.
A choice to study User Experience Design, Front End Development, Back End Development, Visual Design, Data Science, or Digital Marketing.
Understanding how to present your ideas clearly to an audience while gathering feedback from others to make a great product.
For the selected (2) students we are covering the full cost of the Immersive program so, that they can learn as much as possible about the field from the course and be on their way to a successfull career.
The goal is to provide another option for students who are NOT interested in attending college or don't have the resources to attend but, would like to better their life.
Once a student completes the course, the placement rate is so high that they won't have to worry about student loan debt or personal loan date. The student can work, make money, and enjoy their life DEBT-FREE!
Our Team

It's a Family Thing

We are working on this scholarship for young adults that are burdened with student loan debt that prevents them from building good credit, buying homes, or traveling the world. Katherine Mixon(Mother) and CeD (Son)

CeD Mixon
CeD is a Product Designer that works for multiple startups to build awesome experiences for apps and websites.
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Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns you have regarding the scholarship. We want to prevent major loan debt so, that people can actually LIVE and ENJOY LIFE!
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